Cloud-based services strengthen supply chains

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — JDA Software Group has launched six JDA Cloud Optimize services designed to enable customers to enhance and transform their supply chains.

Moving beyond simply organizing information, JDA Cloud Optimize teams work hand in hand with customers to generate concrete recommendations and offer contextually relevant insights into big data challenges facing every global enterprise today. 

JDA’s Cloud Optimize offerings include demand planning, replenishment planning, inventory optimization, next generation collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment, category management and workforce management for retailers. Results include collaboratively built demand forecasts and replenishment plans, store assortment add/keep/delete lists and optimized schedules for retail store associates.

Part of JDA Cloud Services, JDA Cloud Optimize is an extension of JDA’s supply chain business, offering JDA customers support in tuning business processes, generating plans, analyzing results, conferring with internal and external stakeholders and delivering the business intelligence needed to excel in today’s global supply chains.

“We are very excited to announce these expanded services,” said David Gai, EVP, services, JDA Software. “Our customers are struggling under the weight of big data, the strain of regularly shifting supply routes, and the demands for shorter and less expensive approaches to getting products to market. When we combine JDA’s market-leading software with the business acumen developed within JDA’s team of supply chain experts, we are able to work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to drive continuous improvement in their supply chains.”

JDA Cloud Optimize works in conjunction with JDA Cloud Perform, which includes hardware and software management for JDA solutions; application and hardware infrastructure management and managed deployment, test and production environments to support system upgrades and enhancements.

JDA Software Group, the Supply Chain Company, offers a broad portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions to help companies manage the flow of goods from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers. 


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