CodeBroker unveils Smart Coupons for Facebook

CodeBroker has developed a marketing tool that enables retailers to securely deliver money savings offers to potential consumers via Facebook, while increasing brand awareness and building customer loyalty.

Created with retailers who are reluctant to leverage Facebook to offer discounts in mind, Smart Coupons for Facebook lets retailers know when an offer is received on Facebook, when it is viewed and when and where it was redeemed — which, according to CodeBroker, provides retailers with a comprehensive picture of the purchase funnel.

When the number of allotted offers has been dispensed, the promotion ends, guaranteeing that an offer that goes viral will not result in a huge financial liability for the retailer. CodeBroker ensures that only one offer can be assigned to a Facebook ID, as opposed to using cookies.

“Retailers have been reluctant to provide rich offers on Facebook because of the potential financial liability they face when offers go viral,” said Dan Slavin, CodeBroker CEO. “Smart Coupons for Facebook leverages our unique, one-time-use coupon technology to take the worry out of Facebook marketing campaigns.”

Retailers using Smart Coupons for Facebook can run two types of promotions: One-time-use coupons on their Facebook page, or campaigns that let consumers gift offers to a Facebook friend.

Visitors to a retailer’s Facebook page who wish to receive a one-time-use coupon can click on the posted offer and either print the coupon or retrieve it from the Facebook mobile application and have it scanned from their smartphones at checkout.

Customers who want to gift offers to a Facebook friend can click on the posted offer and identify the friend to whom the gift should be sent. The Facebook friend receives a notification and has the option of printing the coupon or retrieving it from the Facebook mobile app.



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