Community for electronics enthusiasts gets new panelist

CHICAGO  -- Element14, a collaborative engineering community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, announced that Jeri Ellsworth has joined its "ask an expert" panel to further promote the exchange of ideas among professionals, enthusiasts, and DIYers alike within the community. Ellsworth is also offering the element14 community early access to her latest video tutorial, which looks at designing a circuit that triggers sound effects, music and mechanical animation through motion.

Ellsworth is an entrepreneur and a self-taught computer chip designer specializing in custom ASIC, FPGA, system level and mechanical design spaces. She is well-known for many of her electronic toys, SOC and video compression designs, including the popular Commodore 30-in-1 Direct-to-TV (C64DTV) capable of simultaneously running 30 video games from the 1980s. With over 15 years of experience in all phases of electrical and mechanical engineering, including design, implementation, test, and delivery, Ellsworth is well recognized in the open-source environment.


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