Compare Foods implements Swift Shopper app

New York -- Supermarket operator Compare Foods announced that it begun the implementation of the Swift Shopper app created by ezCommerce Solutions. The app, designed for those retailers hesitant to invest in mobile point-of-sale, costs retailers nothing and doesn’t require any hardware, training or integration to implement. Customers download it to their phone/tablet for free (or upgrade for the low cost of $1.99) and it enables them to scan any barcode as they shop.  

It works in every store where cashiers have dual-line handheld scanners.

Compare Foods will begin utilizing Swift Shopper at its Arrowood Road, Charlotte, N.C., location (the store has the dual-line handheld scanners necessary to read barcodes off of mobile devices.) After a three-month pilot program, the retailer will review Swift Shopper’s performance and will then likely invest in upgrading technology at its eight other North Carolina locations to allow for implementation of the app statewide. After the North Carolina roll-out, Compare Foods intends to adopt the application at its stores nationwide.  

"At Compare Foods, we have always taken our customers' needs very seriously and we know that Swift Shopper will radically improve the customer experience at our stores,” explained Omar G. Jorge Peña, partner, Compare Foods, White Plains, N.Y., which has 21 stores across New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and the Carolinas. “By allowing our customers to use their mobile devices to scan as they shop, we will be saving them valuable time and money, two things particularly critical to our working-class clientele. We hope that by continuing to provide key ethnic products not available at other stores, and by now adding a new level of convenience to the shopping experience, we will encourage more repeat customers and earn new customers via positive word-of-mouth publicity.“


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