Competition is a good thing for iPhone users

Now that Verizon has the iPhone, AT&T is offering some sweet offers to hang onto its existing subscribers, and it has enlisted the aid of Target to accomplish that objective. Target began selling the iPhone last November three months after announcing a partnership with RadioShack to offer mobile centers in its stores, and on Friday series of trade-in opportunities were offered at the 846 stores where TargetMobile is available. 

Existing iPhone users willing to sign a new two-year contract can trade in their phone and receive a credit ranging from $100 to $200 depending on the model of their current phone and the phone they intend to purchase.

“Target is always looking for new ways to surprise our guests and offer the best prices on the products we know they want,” said Nik Nayar, VP merchandising for Target. “iPhones are one of the hottest products on the market today, and our guests can now get their hands on one at a significantly reduced price.”

The window for the trade-in promotion is relatively short, Feb. 6 to 12, and coincides with a major push from Verizon to sign up iPhone users, including a Super Bowl commercial which took a jab at the reliability of the AT&T network.

The promotion has the potential to attract new technology customers to Target’s electronic department, especially those looking for a carrier to underwrite the purchase price of an upgraded iPhone. Too bad the promotion couldn’t wait until later this year though. The TargetMobile departments are currently in 846 stores, but by June the company said there will be 1,450 locations.

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