Consumer Reports: 3DTVs good, but consumers can wait


According to Consumer Reports,  while 3D TVs boast impressive technology, customers should hold off on buying them until the technology becomes more affordable.


The magazine found that, in tests of two Samsung LCD sets and a Panasonic plasma TV, 3D images had excellent depth, color, and high-def details, creating a compelling 3D picture as good as a movie theater. However, Consumer Reports added that customers who are happy with their current HDTV would be wise to wait until the price of 3D TVs drops and more 3D content becomes available.

"Blu-ray discs with 3D content are just arriving, and while 3D broadcasts are starting up it will be a while before there are many of them," said Paul Reynolds, electronics editor for Consumer Reports. "Though there isn't a huge price premium for the TVs, a 3D setup isn't inexpensive. For the sets we tested, you should figure on paying about $3,000 for the TV, Blu-ray player, and glasses for a family of four."

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