The Container Store selects signage solution from Episys

Chicago -- The Container Store has selected the Retail Enterprise Suite signage solution from Episys to produce high-quality signage and boost promotional effectiveness and customer service across its stores nationwide.

“We have always believed that our in-store product signage serves as a silent salesperson for our customers when they’re not working directly with one of our experts,” said Peggy Doughty, VP visual merchandising, The Container Store. “It is a huge focus and time commitment to ensure our signage is where it needs to be, when it needs to be.”

The Episys system will allow the chain to maintain the quality of signage it demands while also saving its employees significant time by integrating the entire production process – from request to formatting to printing, Doughty explained.

“The ability to batch process will also allow us even better quality controls and we love that the solution offers future enhancements as the needs of our business evolves with growth,” she said.

Derek Buchanan, CEO at Episys said: “We are pleased to have a solution that will enhance The Container Store’s commitment to delivering a high level of customer service through store signage. This will also result in a significant time savings for The Container Store and will allow them to ship signage to their stores the way they want to.”

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