Container Store selects Talend Data to automate processes

Los Altos, Calif. -- Talend said Monday that The Container Store is deploying Talend Enterprise Data Integration to simplify, standardize and move data across multiple platforms.

With Talend, The Container Store now has cross-platform standardization, improved development times and automated processes that were previously done manually.

The Container Store was challenged by a home-grown solution that required a different skill set for each platform, as well as multiple developers to learn disparate languages in order to move data across multiple platforms. Working with different database platforms across the organization, along with its own servers, The Container Store needed to standardize and have common languages between applications to work more efficiently.

“We have found Talend’s solution to be a very intuitive tool that is conceptually appealing, and natively supports all our platforms,” said Viet Le, IS senior data analytics engineer at The Container Store. “Previously, the siloed nature of our data caused significant problems for our business -- the biggest being difficulty in new development. With Talend, we have achieved a much simpler and faster development time. This has freed up our IT resources, since they no longer have to manually maintain our spreadsheets.”


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