Cooper Lighting Introduces Next-Generation RSA COMBOLIGHT

Peachtree City, Ga. Peachtree City, Ga. - Cooper Lighting's RSA COMBOLIGHT, which is ideally suited for high-end retail and hospitality, has been redesigned with new features to meet the evolving requirements of today's lighting specifiers and designers.

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-lamp linear configurations and 4-lamp square configuration, unique features include individually removable and interchangeable double-gimbal lamp rings with 45? x 45? aiming and threadless lamp bezels with 45? spill cut-off that can accommodate up to three accessories (2 lenses + 1 snoot or baffle).   The innovative two-position lamp mounting system easily regresses to flush-out snoots or baffles with the ceiling line or adjusts to flush with the ceiling. An optional retractable arm mechanism enabling “pull-down” of lamps for greater aiming angles.

One common housing type can accommodate both trim flange and trimless inserts allowing for trim or trimless installation. Trimless insert provides a sharp, knife-like edge at the fixture opening for a clean, undetectable transition from ceiling to fixture. Housings are offered as new construction or remodel.

COMBOLIGHT is available in a variety of lamp choices including MR11, MR16, ceramic metal halide MR16, AR70, AR111, PAR20, PAR20 metal halide, PAR30, PAR30 metal halide, PAR36, PAR38, PAR38 ceramic metal halide, T4, T6, CDMR111 metal halide and CDM-TM metal halide.

COMBOLIGHT components can be ordered separately (housing, electrical assemblies and lamp assemblies) for quick-ship situations, or the standard complete, ready to install fixture. 

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