Cost Plus World Markets expands GT Nexus-powered global supply chain operating platform

Oakland, Calif. GT Nexus announced that Cost Plus World Market has successfully expanded its use of the GT Nexus global supply chain operating platform to include functions that allow the retailer to comply with the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Importer Security Filing (ISF) rule, which came into full effect on Jan. 26.

The ISF rule -- also known as the "10+2 rule" -- requires all U.S. importers to electronically submit containerized shipment details before ocean vessels depart the origin port. Importers that fail to comply with the rule face fines and/or costly supply chain delays.

GT Nexus has served as the retailer's global trade and logistics operating platform for the past several years. The platform serves as a central data repository for purchase orders, shipments, inventory, events, documents, and supply chain costs. While originally deployed to provide global supply chain visibility and control, the system also captures and standardizes the very information elements that U.S. Customs requires for ISF compliance.

"The new U.S. Customs ISF rule has the potential to seriously disrupt import supply chains," said Jeff Turner, executive VP operations and CIO at Cost Plus World Market, which operates more than 260 stores in 20 states. "With GT Nexus, we had the difficult task of collecting timely and accurate inventory information already done. When the ISF rule took effect in January, we were already in compliance with an automated system."

The Advanced ISF solution in use at Cost Plus gathers data from digitized purchase orders, vendor documents, and origin processes. The system then auto-populates an ISF compliance form with the right information. Users at Cost Plus then review the data and submit it directly to U.S. Customs at the click of a button.

The entire platform is provided to Cost Plus as an on-demand service over the Web. The GT Nexus platform connects Cost Plus with its network of carriers, suppliers, 3PLs and brokers, which, in turn, allows operational data to be captured and standardized in a central repository. A suite of Web applications provides Cost Plus with visibility, transportation management, document automation, supplier enablement, and ISF capabilities.

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