Costco and Aetna Partner for Medicare Rx Plan

Hartford, Conn. Costco has partnered with insurance carrier Aetna to help consumers access an affordable and comprehensive Medicare prescription-drug plan. Under the partnership, Medicare beneficiaries now have the ability to purchase the new Aetna Medicare Rx —Costco Plus Plan, which is available in 17 states.

The plan premiums range from $50 to $70 a month, depending upon the region, and there is no deductible. Consumers who sign up for this plan and have their prescriptions filled at Costco will also have a maximum co-pay of $5 for generic prescription drugs ($10 if filled at other network pharmacies), and, in some cases, will have no co-pay for generics. “At Costco, our members expect us to deliver better value on the things they need. By teaming up with Aetna, one of the most respected names in health care, we believe we have delivered on that expectation,” said John Conlon, director of Costco services.

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