Costco takes stand on on supplier treatment of animals

ISSAQUAH, Wash. Costco has commented on video showing the mistreatment of some young animals saying: "The company had not been aware of the issue before we saw the video. We are extremely disappointed, not only with the performance of our supplier in this instance, but with our own performance as well. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and in this case, we plainly did not perform to that standard."

Costco said it is in the process of developing a more definitive written policy to make clear its long-standing position that any type of cruel treatment of animals is unacceptable. All of Costco's suppliers are aware that Costco insists upon ethical treatment of all animals involved in producing products for sale in its warehouses, without exception, the company said. Costco said it has an inspection program to ensure that its suppliers are in compliance with its standards, but in this case that inspection program did not uncover the problem. The company said it takes full responsibility for this error. It will increase its vigilance in the future to see that its policies are adhered to by all of Costco's suppliers, the company reported.

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