This could get interesting - Don Soderquist speaks

Former Walmart senior vice chairman Don Soderquist is the featured speaker at a Doing Business in Bentonville speakers series breakfast presentation scheduled for May 16. Plenty of folks in Northwest Arkansas have heard Soderquist speak before, however his upcoming remarks will take place amid swirling accusations of corruption that event organizers and few others in Bentonville could have envisioned months ago when his participation was confirmed.

Soderquist, ever the engaging speaker, is likely to be even more so as his comments take place against the unfolding backdrop of a bribery scandal alleged to have involved payments to Mexican officials to facilitate growth and a subsequent investigation that was squelched by senior leaders, according to a New York Times article. Soderquist is may be no fan of the leftward leaning big city newspaper, but he is a fan of ethics and when he retired from Walmart more than a decade ago he founded the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics. Now, in a twist of irony, one of the key executives involved in the scandal and a man who holds a title similar to the one Soderquist had when he retired, Walmart vice chairman Eduardo Castro-Wright, is the central figure in the scheme of impropriety outlined by the Times and stands accused of the type of “situational ethics,” Soderquist has so often railed against.

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