Cyber Monday the new Black Friday?

LOS ANGELES Cyber Monday has become the new Black Friday, as more consumers prefer waiting until after the Thanksgiving weekend to shop online. According to a survey by Shopzilla, more than 8 out of 10 shoppers will be on the look-out for discounts, 69% will be searching for free shipping, 53% will scour the Web for one-day promotions and 32% will keep their eyes open for buy-one-get-one-free promotions.

According to the survey, 45% report they prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday and only 10% prefer Black Friday.


Cyber Monday has become synonymous with deals in the consumer’s mind because, of the 43% of consumers who said they shopped last Cyber Monday, 63% reported finding great deals.

In addition, retailers have been successful in getting the word out about their Cyber Monday promotions. Over three-fourths of consumers (76%) learn about Cyber Monday deals via the Internet, with 48% of online shoppers hearing about Cyber Monday deals from emails and 13% learning about deals from the news. There are also many Cyber Monday sites that aggregate offers such as,,,, and -- and more than 78% of consumers say they find aggregator sites very helpful.

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