D’Lites, Woodbury, N.Y.

D’Lites, in Woodbury, N.Y., is not your ordinary ice cream parlor. Specializing in a wide array of soft-serve treats, the 1,400-sq.-ft. shop has a fun and fashionable look. Splashes of pink stand out against a dramatic, monochromatic background. The color scheme and clean-looking environment appeal to the eater’s higher-end target clientele.

“By blending a modern décor with a traditional edge to the architecture, the bright store exemplifies that this ice cream is different than others and for customers of all ages,” explained Doug Horst, president, Horst Design International, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. The firm gutted and transformed the space, which formerly housed a handbag shop.

The environment is set off with inviting, high-back and richly upholstered banquettes. In a clever touch, the floors appear to be black & white wooden planks. But for maintenance purposes and to withstand the intense daily traffic, they are actually made of maintenance free porcelain tiles embossed with a wooden pattern.

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- 8:18 PM
Gina1459 says

'D’Lites, in Woodbury, N.Y., is not your ordinary ice cream parlor" You bet is, it's a place that is all about looks! The Owner of the parlor is worry about the way the parlor looks and not that worried about the health of their customers...I just saw a report on Fox 5 by Arnold Diaz, and it's a SHAME what they are doing. The D'lite Ice Cream Parlor website say "Whether you are counting points, calories, carbs, or sugar, at D'lites you will find tasty treats with a healthy twist!" ... It's all lies and it's a Shame. If you are thinking of going to D'lite Ice Cream Parlor, make sure you do not have Diabetes, as their Ice Creams have a high level of sugar and are not as heathy as they say... SHAME SHAME SHAME

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