Datalogic Scanning Announces Next Generation of Ruggedized, Affordable Handhelds

The PowerScan PD7100 handheld industrial linear imager from Datalogic Scanning, Eugene, Ore., is a solution for users that need a rugged and durable handheld scanner. It is well-suited for high-volume industrial applications at instinctive reading distances—from contact to long-range.

The rugged PowerScan PD7100 industrial imager was designed specifically for the manufacturing, warehouse, transportation and logistics sectors for work in progress, forklift, stocking, shipping, receiving, and retail POS check-out applications in rough environments such as DIY and cash-and-carry stores. Postal environments are a growing sector where the PowerScan PD7100 linear imager is the perfect solution for sorting postal and parcel codes where high-volume throughput is a key factor to increasing efficiency.

An innovative and unique optical design allows the PowerScan PD71000 to combine scanner features that are normally incompatible.

• A speed of 390 scans per second provides outstanding high-volume reading performance of real life (damaged or poorly printed) barcodes.

•  Instinctive reading—from contact to more than 9 ft.

• Depth-of-field and field-of-view performance enables reading wider barcodes as well as 3 mils-high resolution barcodes with ease at standard distances.

•  Patented ‘Green Spot’ technology provides intuitive and reliable good-read confirmation, improving the user experience and increasing the speed of scanning operations.

• Robust plastic case with rubber overmold shields all likely drop points, adding extra shock protection, and safeguarding your investment.


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