DealYard makes e-commerce site more customer-friendly

Westbury, N.Y. – Online discount retailer DealYard has optimized its site in a customer-friendly way, using personalized recommendations that are provided by CRM vendor 4-tell. In addition, users will receive ideas on what to add next, a feature provided by VeInteractive.

Some of the new technologies that the DealYard team has integrated into a user's shopping experience include solutions that deliver personalized recommendations via online and email, as well as promotional offers during checkout. DealYard is also now working with other online retailers, such as eBay and Amazon, to continue expanding its offering globally. DealYard is also expanding to an international customer base that extends to countries including Canada, Germany, and New Zealand.

"I've long held that DealYard is the sum of its parts,” said Rob Heller, CEO of DealYard. “We're all working together every day to make it even better. And part of acknowledging the spirit of teamwork is collaborating with smart new technologies and incorporating them into our own website."

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