Delhaize discloses global carbon footprint

Belgium The Delhaize Group, which operates Food Lion and Hannaford supermarkets in the United States, said Monday it is disclosing its global carbon footprint and developing further plans to lighten its impact on the environment.

According to a report on, Delhaize has pegged its CO2e emissions at 2.7 million tonnes, or .59 tonnes per square meter of sales area, for 2008, the firm said in its latest corporate responsibility report.

The range of emissions per square meter of sales area for similar international retailers is .21 tonnes CO2 per square meter to .64 tonnes per square meter, according to the report.

The assessment for Delhaize, conducted by Environmental Resources Management, and its disclosure fulfill a promise made in the company's initial CR report, which was issued in 2008 and covered corporate responsibility efforts in 2007.

The group's stores accounted for almost 86% of emissions, with transportation at 8%; distribution centers at 5.6% and offices at .5%.

In terms of source, 63.6% of the emissions resulted from use of electricity, followed by refrigerants at 25%; natural gas at 2.6%, propane at .6% and light fuel at .2%.

The company said it intends to use the measurement to set further environmental goals and benchmark its progress.

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