DemandTec and Farmacias Ahumada extend agreement

Mexico City, Mexico -- DemandTec said Thursday that Latin America’s largest drugstore retailer Farmacias Ahumada S.A. (FASA) has extended its agreement to use DemandTec’s advanced pricing analytics to drive profit and customer loyalty.

The chain extended its subscription to DemandTec’s Everyday Price Optimization software service on the network for its retail stores in Chile.

FASA began working with DemandTec in 2007 and currently uses Everyday Price Optimization in Mexico and Peru.  With the extension into Chile, FASA will use the service to strategically price items across all 1,200 retail stores. FASA leverages DemandTec to enable more shopper-centric pricing, manage competitive changes, and quickly react to market dynamics with price adjustments. Using DemandTec’s advanced analytical capabilities, FASA evaluates multiple pricing scenarios across store banners and geographies, and forecasts the results of their pricing strategy before executing prices at the store level.

“DemandTec’s science-based analytical platform helps us gain a better understanding of how our customers respond to pricing changes,” said Roberto Montalva, manager of pricing and market studies at FASA. “These insights allow us to quickly and strategically analyze different price points across all our geographical locations including Chile, Mexico and Peru.”

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