Dick’s Last Resort teams with PlayNetwork for multichannel entertainment experience

Redmond, Wash. -- PlayNetwork on Wednesday announced a partnership with restaurant and entertainment chain Dick's Last Resort, to provide original video, social engagement and custom music programs.

PlayNetwork said it is producing "Dick's TV," which features a lineup of original programming and product promotions.

"Dick's has always been about serving great food and entertainment," said Ted Moats, CEO of Dick's Last Resort. "PlayNetwork has helped us find new, creative ways to make the dining experience even more engaging, plus our online fans now have a vehicle to share the Dick's experience with friends."

Restaurant patrons and servers will be invited to contribute to the experience by uploading photos, text messages and Tweets to the displays throughout the restaurants. Store managers are also able to post new messages instantly to restaurant displays.

To maximize the impact of the new programming, PlayNetwork is installing new state-of-the-art A/V systems in all 10 existing Dick's Last Resort locations, as well as new restaurants scheduled to open later this year.

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