Digby upgrades location marketing platform

Austin, Texas -- Digby has launched several new upgrades to Localpoint, its platform that facilitates consumer engagement in and around brick-and-mortar locations. Localpoint now offers enhanced targeting based on opted-in consumer profile data, the ability to measure a campaign’s success at driving foot traffic to retail stores and extended integration APIs that allow brands to leverage a consumer's presence across the enterprise.

Specific new capabilities include Profiles, which links the context and relevance of a location-sensitive message to key attributes of the person behind the device; Target Locations, which provides a view of the impact campaigns have on a customer’s path to purchase; Bridge, which allows Localpoint to be integrated with other key systems such as marketing automation, offer management, CRM, POS, loyalty programs or e-commerce; and an upgraded marketing console.

“We designed this broad set of next generation Localpoint capabilities with one goal in mind: to drastically improve location-based marketing's relevancy and efficacy,” said David Sikora, founder and CEO, Digby. “With Localpoint, marketers are positioned to connect the dots between systems and strategies to deliver personal, omni-channel shopper engagement from the nearby neighborhood all the way to the purchase decision in-store."

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