Digimarc develops digital solution for retailers and brands

Digimarc Corporation, a digital solutions company, has added audio watermarking to its Digimarc Discover mobile engagement platform. An audio watermark is embedded in an audio signal and identifies ownership of copyright, so retailers and brands can differentiate Digimarc’s solution from competing technologies. 

Digimarc’s mobile engagement platform is designed to enable retailers and brands to simplify and enhance mobile consumer engagement, build brand loyalty and drive purchase opportunities from each component of their marketing campaigns. 

"The advantages of assigning unique digital identities to every media component are game changing for mobile marketing, and no other vendor provides such a comprehensive and effective offering," said Ed Knudson, EVP, sales and marketing at Digimarc. "Fingerprinting-based approaches to audio recognition, such as those used by Shazam, or image recognition employed by augmented reality providers, must guess against large databases when trying to identify a brand's content. Brands can't afford to leave the fate of their marketing campaigns to chance. Digimarc's patented digital watermarking technology provides accurate identification every time — eliminating the risk of a poor consumer experience at the point of engagement, or even worse an embarrassing and potentially catastrophic misidentification of the brand."

Retailers and brands can leverage the platform to maintain control of the complete consumer experience. The company also says its platform delivers accurate and fast mobile experiences without risk of linking consumers to incorrect content. 

Digimarc Discover enables smartphones and other sensor-equipped devices to "see and hear" media content using built-in cameras and microphones. Consumers simply direct their phones at content they are interested in and are presented with a range of services such as purchase a product, view a video, save for later, download a coupon or share with their network — made possible by the audio watermark. 

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