Digital deals dominate 2012

MINNEAPOLIS — Digital coupons are increasingly being used as a marketing tool for major brands, as evidenced by the rise in such offers between 2011 and 2012.

Accoding to Kantar Media, digital couponing events across key websites increased by 46.1% in 2012 compared with 2011, and 805 manufacturers distributed digital coupon offers on these key websites during 2012, an increase of 18.9% as compared with the same period in 2011.  

“2012 was a stellar year for digital coupon growth and manufacturer engagement, with more than 800 manufacturers distributing digital coupons representing the greatest number of manufacturers participating in digital coupons since the launch of the ProMotion PLUS Digital Service in 2009,” stated David Hamric, general manager, Kantar Media Marx.  “More manufacturers than ever are engaging with digital coupons and many more are leveraging Free Standing Inserts (FSI) coupons to guide shopper traffic to their websites to receive digital coupon incentives.” 

Among retailer websites, the food channel had the greatest share of digital coupon events, at 51% in 2012, ahead of both the drug and mass channels.  The drug channel had a 27% share of digital coupon events, just ahead of the mass channel that captured a 22% share.  

“Digital coupons on retailer websites help shoppers plan their purchases and influence where they choose to shop,” commented Darcy Douglas, director account solution for Kantar Media Marx.  “Manufacturers can enhance their share of voice (SOV) in digital coupons on retailer websites by understanding their Share of Visits on those same websites. Retailer website visits are important as each incremental visit that a shopper makes to a retailer website enhances the opportunities that a manufacturer has in placing their incentive in a shopper’s hands. Manufacturers can then maximize their influence when they place the right digital coupons on the right retailer websites to take advantage of the greatest number of relevant website visits.” 


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