Digital imaging advances driving e-commerce sales

Leading e-commerce imaging provider Kwikee has launched a new collaboration portal for retailers and suppliers to help improve e-commerce conversion.

With advances in digital imaging and video driving improved e-commerce conversion rates, Kwikee’s new portal initiative is designed to help trading partners more efficiently communicate and fulfill requests for product images and data needed for e-commerce and other marketing applications. The company’s new vendor portal serves as a single location for all project information, including a list of SKUs for each vendor that are required by the retailer, options on how to provide images and data, project contracts, shipping materials and other project details.

“Communication is key in large volume image and data capture projects, from the retailer, to the image and data provider, to the vendors,” said Barry Rapp, Kwikee’s national sales manager. “Kwikee’s vendor portal is the communication device that ties all three groups together to meet the project’s goals.”

The vendor portal makes the process of supplying images and data to retailers easy because vendors have quick access to required SKU lists, according to Kwikee. Once a SKU is requested by a retailer, it automatically enters the vendor portal and instantly sends email notifications to the vendor. Vendors with images and data already in Kwikee’s national program have their content sent to the retailer automatically.

Retailers primarily use Kwikee’s vendor portal to get a snapshot of the status of product requests, monitor Kwikee’s turn time for capturing images and data, and analyze vendor compliance. According to Kwikee, vendors always know exactly what SKUs are needed by the retailer, and can choose to send physical product samples to Kwikee for image and data collection, or upload their own compliant content immediately.

Kwikee has made a name for itself in the e-commerce world by developing, managing and distributing manufacturer-approved product images, data and related content for the consumer packaged goods industry. Kwikee’s vendor-sponsored content is available for free to all retail entities for marketing, e-commerce, mobile and planogram applications via the company’s Web site.


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