DNA Brands expands to southern half of Illinois

DNA Brands, maker of DNA Energy Drink, has signed a new distribution agreement with Koerner Distributor to sell its rebranded energy drink line and latest energy coffee drink products.

Koerner Distributor has four branches which cover a population of more than 1 million people in 52 Illinois counties. Koerner distributes of beer, wine and liquor brands such as Miller, Coors and Corona to retailers such as Schnucks, Shop N Save, Deirberg's, Circle K, Casey General Store and Huck's.

"We feel that our partnership with DNA comes at a most opportune time,” said Hal Paholke, sales manager of Koerner Distributor. “We are looking forward to beginning the 2014 year with an exciting new product line as part of our extensive portfolio. The recent re-branding of the DNA's award winning energy drinks, coupled with the introduction of an exciting new energy coffee line, has us optimistically looking forward to the new year."

The energy drink line includes Cellular Citrus, Cellular Citrus-Zero Sugar, Cryo Berry, Molecular Melon and Original, and the three coffee flavors are Mocha, Caramel Macchiato and Vanilla Latte.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to add such a prestigious distributor as Koerner to our growing portfolio of distributors, especially at this time with our first coffee production run set for this Wednesday," said Eric Fowler, DNA's VP of sales and marketing. "Koerner is one of the largest beverage distributors outside of the Chicago area, carrying hundreds of the top non-alcoholic, beer, wine and liquor brands. Distribution to Koerner customers will begin in early January. While no assurances can be provided, we estimate that the anticipated business derived from our relationship with Koerner will have a strong positive impact on our 2014 revenues."



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