Domino’s Pizza posts customer comments on Times Square billboard

Ann Arbor, Mich. -- The reviews are coming in, and Domino’s Pizza is streaming them atop a billboard in one of the country’s busiest intersections: Manhattan’s Times Square.

The pizza chain is posting authentic customer comments -- good, bad and indifferent -- from its online ordering Domino's Tracker on a 125-ft.-wide billboard in Times Square. The move is part of a new TV advertising campaign in which New York-area Domino's store managers focus on customer reactions at a busy store along with the surprise of customers seeing their comments in Times Square.

"Our customers deserve, and have come to expect, honesty from us - and when it comes to the idea of posting direct feedback in Times Square, it really doesn't get more honest and open than this," said Patrick Doyle, Domino's Pizza president and CEO. "Our hope is that most of the feedback is positive, but our top priority is that people are seeing what is real."

Consumers who have their feedback posted in Times Square will also receive a link to a video clip of their feedback as it ran on the billboard. The comments are being run at various times on the Domino’s billboard daily through Aug. 23.

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