eBay brands itself a fashion advocate

NEW YORK —  Counterfeit apparel and accessories has gotten so close to the original that even the most discerning customer often can't tell the difference. And while it's one thing to purchase an item known to be an imitation of a more expensive brand, many consumers are duped into buying what they believe is a high-quality, brand-named item. This is especially true when purchasing items online, where the customer has to rely on product descriptions and images to determine an items authenticity.

To help combat counterfeiters and restore consumer confidence, eBay is joining the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to bring back the "You Can't Fake Fashion" campaign. Following a sold-out summer edition, eBay and CFDA will introduce a new collection of original tote bags, with more than 75 designers each customizing a tote as one-of-a-kind. The collection will be previewed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week exhibit at Lincoln Center beginning Feb. 9.

The collection will include one-of-a-kind totes and limited-edition of standard totes in four styles that will be available on eBay starting March 20.

“We hope broader awareness will help fight counterfeits and the harm they cause, and eBay is proud to partner with the CFDA on the second iteration of this campaign,” said Alan Marks, eBay’s SVP global communications. “Counterfeits not only are illegal, they also damage brand owners, frustrate shoppers and undermine consumer confidence. eBay invests substantial resources to help provide millions of consumers a trusted, confident marketplace experience; this campaign is another example of our commitment to being a leading industry voice in the fight against counterfeits.”

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