eBay to launch fashion magazine

San Jose, Calif. eBay plans to launch an online magazine called The Inside Source that will discuss fashion trends and the trendiest items for sale on the site, according to The New York Times.

The online magazine is aimed for the shopper “who is sophisticated, has a sensibility about fashion and lifestyle and may be familiar with eBay but maybe not the full extent of everything it has to offer,” said Meredith Barnett, the site’s editorial director.

Although people still think of eBay as an auction site, more than half of its goods are now sold at fixed prices, Barnett told The New York Times. Consumers also tend to think of it as a site for used goods, even though it sells a lot of new, overstock and upscale merchandise, she added.

eBay obtains a lot of data from watching what its 88 million users search for and buy and the magazine will highlight those trends, the report said.


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