Email marketers worst nightmare

Three year old New York-based start-up Unroll.Me announced it is up to one million users, a troubling development for companies who rely on email to connect with their customers.

Unroll.Me said surpassing one million users was a major milestone and indicated in the past few months it has seen exponential growth in the consumer market and increasing influence in the B2B market. In addition, the company said it has identified more than 22 Million unique subscriptions and has stopped more than five billion emails from hitting users’ inboxes. Using a study conducted by the Danwood Group, Unroll.Me calculated it has saved users more than five billion minutes.

“We’re beyond excited to have reached one million people so quickly. Inbox overload is a global email problem and we’re happy to be a part of the solution,” said Josh Rosenwald, Unroll.Me’s co-founder and CEO. “ has helped all of us on the team save valuable time and we’re grateful to be able to help so many others do the same.”

The value proposition of the free service is simple – it helps users to regain control of their email inboxes, according to the company. Users can mass unsubscribe from the email subscriptions they no longer want to receive. Subscriptions users want to keep but don’t want cluttering their inbox can be added to Unroll.Me’s daily digest email called the Rollup.

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