Emma & Roe, Queensland, Australia

Emma & Roe, a new concept from Australia-based, global jewelry retailer Michael Hill International, has opened its doors in Queensland, Australia. Focused on the jewelry charms business, Emma & Roe stands out for its bold but feminine visual stylings. Clean lines are accented with touches of elegance to balance Emma & Roe’s sophistication and moments of playfulness. The color palette features a signature berry color, complemented by a fresh, youthful bright pink and a neutral slate grey.

“We looked at the category, which has traditionally been very occasion and memory based and saw an opportunity to create something that is much more inspiring and fashion forward,” said Rhonda Hiatt, executive director, brand strategy & analytics, Interbrand Design Forum, which designed the store along with providing other services (see below). 

The layout directs focus to a center area that speaks to trend and style, while also encouraging customers to interact with the merchandise. Cases are shoppable from both sides — a departure from the industry norm—and are designed to encourage side-by-side engagement. A custom crystal-adorned chandelier overhead sets the tone with its juxtaposition of edgy fashion and trendy sophistication. It is set within a circular recessed ceiling framed by a dimensional monogram icon in the brand’s signature color.

Each of the stations in the store highlights a different collection or category. Curated selections featured as “Emma’s Favorites” are intended to promote the products in a more conversational way. The use of mirrors encourages shoppers to experiment and play while reinforcing the fashion component of the brand.

The overall environment is engaging and interactive, with features that invite to play and explore with the product both physically and digitally.

Store design: Interbrand Design Forum, Dayton, Ohio (Additional project responsibilities included customer segmentation, establishing the brand strategy, naming, logo development, and verbal and visual identity.)

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