Enormous LED screen helps Las Vegas retail center pop

Salt Lake City -- The world’s highest-resolution LED screen is on display in Las Vegas. The enormous screen, approximately 310 ft. wide by 60 ft. tall and populated with close to 11 million pixels, is the feature attraction of the Harmon Corner Retail Center, on the northeast corner of the Las Vegas Boulevard. The three-level center is anchored by Walgreens.

In addition to providing an attention-getting canvas to support the variety of brands housed within the retail development, the screen also devotes four hours of each day to custom programming ranging from "mind-blowing" content illusions to supporting artistic animations and interactive special events all designed and created to cause viewers to stop, snap, post and tweet.

The LED screen utilizes Yesco Electronics’ surface mount diode technology. The technology was selected due to its high brightness and contrast capabilities, along with the fact that the compact size of the individual modules could achieve the smooth radius required for the screen to 'skin' the architecture seamlessly.


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