Eve’s Addiction revamps e-commerce site

Old Saybrook, Conn. -- Eve's Addiction has redesigned its e-commerce site. With more 6,000 items on the site, the Eve's Addiction team studied Web data from the past year to figure out how to best present their product offerings for the optimal online store experience.

The team eliminated the left navigation from the old design and added a drop down menu that featured gifts by recipients, material, and category. The redesign also highlighted bestselling products and provided a more accessible internal site search. Eve’s Addiction says these changes and many others led to an immediate increase in engagement and satisfaction among shoppers. Future design enhancements are planned.

"Once we understood our customer segments, we planned a simple and comprehensive design that worked well for everyone," said director of site design & front end development Alison Yuhas. "There are self-purchasers, gift purchasers, and other ways to segment our audience. We wanted to deliver the best way for all types of shoppers to interact with our site."


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