Facebook adds a gift store

New York -- Facebook has added a new service, called Gifts, which allows Facebook users in the United States to buy gifts for their friends on the social media platform. The new feature, rolled out just in time for the holiday shopping season, has the potential to give Facebook an ongoing supply of valuable personal information.

To power the Gifts service, Facebook rented a warehouse in South Dakota and created its own software to track inventory and shipping, according to the New York Times. The company did not disclose how much it earns from each purchase made through Gifts.

One of the appeals of Facebook Gifts is the ease of making a purchase. Facebook users are urged to buy a present via a gift-box icon that pops up for Facebook friends on their birthdays. Users can choose from an array of products, ranging from cup cakes and chocolate to magazine subscriptions and clothing. They are asked to choose a greeting card and to provide a credit card details.


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