Facebook shoppers increasingly on the go

Purchases made via Facebook advertisements are more frequently occurring via mobile device.

According to new data released by the Facebook IQ marketing insights division, three in 10 purchase conversions from Facebook ads between January and May 2015 took place on a mobile device (24% on a phone, 6% on a tablet). During that same period, the frequency of mobile purchases increased 35%, according to Facebook IQ’s latest internal analysis.

During the course of the year, those purchasing on a mobile device steadily increased. And in the fourth quarter, Facebook IQ predicts that the percentage of online purchasers who buy on mobile will grow another 30%.

Facebook IQ offers a few very helpful insights for retailers seeking to sell via mobile device, whether on Facebook or any other digital platform. First, remember that understanding how people engage, discover and share online content is much more important than understanding any one particular device or platform.

Second, retailers should understand the consumer’s full mobile purchase journey, which often includes various offline and online elements. Finally, the mobile shopping experience should be designed for the thumb. Beyond basic “mobile first” design elements, this also means personalization of the experience, which should be highly visual.

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