Fashionable Flooring

The floor can be installed over wood or cement.

Acustom metallic floor with three-dimensional overtones reflects the very modern aesthetic of PUMA’s new store design program. The fast-growing sports lifestyle brand wanted a high-tech looking floor, one that would complement the sleek goods on display and give a unique flair to the space.

The solution turned out to be a specialty epoxy surface that utilizes a special blend of metallic aggregates and epoxy resins. The floor made its first appearance in the United States last year, at PUMA’s Manhattan flagship, and has since been featured in several other locations. It is the specification for all new PUMA stores in the United States going forward.

The floor was developed by Floor Seal Technology, in conjunction with Mapei, an Italian chemical and cement manufacturer that develops materials for the flooring industry. It is made of different layers of resins, and can be installed over cement or wood.

“An Italian designer worked with Mapei to create the original concept, and we helped develop the American version,” said Bill Clyne, CEO, Floor Seal Technology, Milpitas, Calif. “The floor gives PUMA a unique look, and really sets off the rest of the store.”

Installation is critical. The floor is installed with a wavy and gritty trowel method, which results in the three-dimensional effect. A clear epoxy topcoat protects the appearance and integrity of the floor, while providing an easily maintainable surface.

Types of Flooring Used Source: Chain Store Age/Leo J. Shapiro & Associates
 All stores 2007Drug store 2007Supermarket 2007Department store 2007Home center 2007Specialty apparel 2007Big-box store 2007Hard lines specialty 2007
  Wall to wall22.912.
  Modular carpet tile17.750.
  Not reporting2.
Ceramic tile57.362.568.277.833.365.250.016.7
  Wood laminate10.40.04.522.20.017.418.80.0
  Solid wood7.
  Not reporting1.
  Natural (e.g., granite or marble)
  Synthetic stone3.10.04.522.
  Not reporting2.

“The floor is like an acrylic painting spread with spatulas,” Clyne explained. “It starts with a silver paste. One-eighth inch of clear resin is poured over this silver texture to make the floor level, while providing the textured look.”

Floor Seal is responsible for the installation.

“We have a designated associate who goes to each installation to make sure the pattern is consistent from location to location,” Clyne added.

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