Fast fashion chain keeps store operations up to speed

San Antonio-based fast fashion retailer A’Gaci is all about staying current with trends.
Not only does A’Gaci maintain a close eye on what its customer base of 18-to-24-year-old women is wearing, but also on trends in-store performance. Operating 65 stores in 10 states and Puerto Rico with plans to add 20 more U.S. locations in the next year, A’Gaci needs a current view of what’s happening in its brick-and-mortar space.
So the retailer is leveraging technology from Euclid Analytics to view customer engagement trends, build smarter loyalty programs and make data-driven decisions to improve operations. Requiring no new hardware, Euclid was deployed on A’Gaci’s existing Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi system.
A’Gaci is applying Euclid’s analytical capabilities to provide insight into activities such as updating its in-store merchandise assortment 12 times a year and providing personalized in-store recommendations.
A’Gaci also uses Euclid to measure the impact of in-store activities such arranging merchandise in the store and observing the length of time customers stay after a changeover. As more insight is provided over time, the fashion chain will be better able to define trends and drive more in-store engagement.
Additionally, the company uses Euclid’s data to help make decisions regarding store locations, staffing (down to hourly increments, and store hours. A’Gaci also plans to use its amplified understanding of store operations to provide a solid base for expanded omnichannel activities.
“We’ve always been revolutionary in the fashion world, with an emphasis on highly personalized customer service and the newest fashions for the trendy young woman,” said Reid Hackney, CFO of A’GACI. “Equipped with Euclid’s data, we’re innovating once again. In 2016, we plan to leverage in-store analytics to bring a new, seamless omnichannel culture and guide future growth.”

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