Finish Line uses Akamai solution to speed up site performance, availability

Cambridge, Mass. Akamai Technologies, a leading provider of cloud optimization services, announced that Finish Line has implemented Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator to enhance the customer experience on

The Akamai solution has helped Finish Line speed up the performance and availability of its site. Since leveraging the solution, Finish Line has experienced an average reduction in page loading times of 50%, according to Akamai. In addition, the system has allowed Finish Line to offload some of the site's dynamic content to the Akamai globally distributed platform, freeing up company servers and reducing downtime.

"Not only do we need to continuously update our site to ensure that our product catalog is featuring the most current styles, but we also must ensure that our site is loading fast," said Finish Line's senior VP e-commerce, technology and operations, Roger Underwood. “Consumers expect to perform flawlessly and will quickly take their business elsewhere if it does not. By teaming up with Akamai, we're able to deliver the robust experience our customers demand and can rely on Akamai to handle site performance and availability issues for us. Our team is free to concentrate on strategic initiatives designed to grow our e-commerce business."

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