First 100% LED-lit Walmart opens

New York -- The first Walmart to be entirely lit with LEDs has opened, in South Euclid, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. The store will serve as a model for environmentally friendly design for future locations, with 100% LED lighting, electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot and more.

Other notable features of the store include:

  • LED lighting in the parking lot will reduce energy consumption by 50%, plus improve the quality of lighting for late night errands.
  • In daytime hours, skylights allow natural light to illuminate customers’ paths, reducing energy to light the sales floor by an average of 25%.
  • Re-using the heat from on-site refrigerant equipment can supply up to 60% of in-store hot water needs.
  • The use of a white membrane roof that reflects light better than a darker roofing color will helps reduce overall building energy consumption.
  • The chain is also testing the use of doors on cases that house deli meats, cheeses, yogurts, etc., with the hope of reducing refrigeration energy use by 20% or more.

The chain noted that LED lighting is 80% more than traditional lightbulbs.  

“The LED lighting we’re using in the grocery section of our South Euclid store alone will save more than 59,000 kWh a year – which is enough energy to power five single-family homes,” Walmart said on


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