Five Shaw’s Supermarkets reach waste milestone

West Bridgewater, Mass. -- Five Shaw’s Supermarkets in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, have reached a major environmental milestone in the company’s “zero waste” program by diverting over 90% of all store waste from local landfills.

The environmental impact of the five stores has been significant:

  • In November 2010, the stores were generating an average of 745 lbs. of waste each day per store.
  • Today, each store is averaging just over 200 lbs. of landfill waste per day, a 268% reduction in total landfill waste resulting from these stores.

Shaw’s has eliminated 1,257 full garbage truck trips annually to the landfill.

The goal of the Shaw’s zero-waste program is to eliminate landfill waste from operations. The program places a significant emphasis on each store’s ability to maximize recycling, food donations, organic composting and overall waste reduction. Additionally, every Shaw’s location is diverting all of its organic materials, soft plastics, hard plastics, and all of its paper and cardboard.

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