F.J. Benjamin tracks customer traffic

Singapore – F.J. Benjamin Holdings Inc., a developer and manager of retail brands including Gap, Banana Republic and Guess, in Asia, has deployed the traffic intelligence application from Tyco Retail Solutions. The company sought a clear understanding of how the differently branded stores’ locations compared with each other, as well as the ability to track shopper conversion rates within each store.  

By relying on Tyco’s traffic intelligence solution, F.J. Benjamin now has improved insight into customer behavior to drive better conversion rates and optimize store performance. The company now knows how many shoppers become buyers and how much they spend per visit. This empowers the retailer to adapt their strategies and drive greater profitability per store.

F.J. Benjamin can also analyze the impact of promotions and in-store advertising to optimize advertising campaigns to shopper preferences, gain visibility to in-store peak selling times, and also obtain visibility into areas in stores where shoppers spend most of their time, conversion rates in particular store areas, peak selling times, and  stores with particularly high or low conversion rates.

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