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Solid-state lighting provides Cole Haan with reduced energy, reduced maintenance

The new Cole Haan in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood combines the brand’s signature craftsmanship with a modern perspective that extends to the lighting. The 1,720-sq.-ft. space is a showcase for the latest in solid-state lighting technology.

“It’s the first specialty store we’ve ever done that is entirely lit with LEDs,” said Lisette Ditters, director retail and hospitality segment, Philips Lighting North America. 

Among other advantages, the LEDs considerably reduce the shop’s lighting-related energy consumption.

“It is less than half a watt per square foot of lighting,” said Doug Russell, Lighting Workshop, New York, which designed the lighting.

With its custom metal cabinets, steel and wood shelving systems and oak herringbone floors, Cole Haan’s SoHo location has an early industrial aesthetic. A large, plush and inviting ottoman is located in the center of the space.

“It’s a very unique look,” Russell added. 

The lighting accentuates the store’s inviting ambience.

“It’s very warm,” Russell said. “And the ambient lighting is fairly low. We didn’t want it to feel like an over-lit retail space.”

Among the featured lamps is Philips’ 8W EnduraLED (450LM), which is designed to deliver more than 80% in energy savings. With its estimated 25,000-hr. average life, the lamp lasts 25 times longer than the standard 60W incandescent, according to Philips.

“It provides the same familiar shape and light quality as a traditional incandescent, while also providing significant energy savings,” Philips’ Ditters said. 

Other lamps used in the installation include Philips’ EnduraLED PAR 30 and PAR 38 dimmable indoor flood lamps. The LEDs, which take the place of traditional halogens in the recessed and track lighting, have a uniform beam that puts the merchandise on center stage. The lamps provide approximately 75% energy savings and have a 40,000-hr. average life.

LEDs (Powercore, from Philips Color Kinetics) are also used in place of fluorescent cove lighting, where they create a soft, uniform glow on the walls and ceilings. 

In a boost for the environment, the lighting system in place at Cole Haan is mercury-free. It also produces virtually no heat, thus cutting down on material fading. And the extended life of the EduraLEDs is expected to significantly reduce re-lamp frequency and related maintenance costs. 

“The maintenance savings with the LEDs is tremendous, especially compared to halogens,” Ditters said.

Russell agreed. 

“If the store went eight years, for example, before a remodel, you might not even have to touch the lighting in all that time,” he said.

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