Food Lion opens store with CO2 refrigeration system

New York City Food Lion has opened a store in College Park, Ga., that is the chain’s first -- and the second in the United States -- to use a carbon dioxide-based cascade refrigeration system, according to Supermarket News.

The system, provided by Kysor Warren, Columbus, Ga., will service both low-temperature and medium- temperature cases. It is designed to limit the use of HFC refrigerant, a potent greenhouse gas. The College Park store will uses about 450 lbs. of HFC refrigerant R-507, far less than in conventional DX systems.

Food Lion also runs secondary loop systems in two Virginia stores that use CO2 as a secondary refrigerant, and plans to open a second store with a cascade system in December in Columbia, S.C., the report said. Those systems are from Hill Phoenix, Conyers, Ga. 

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