Food safety company bolsters operations

RF Biocidics, a leading food safety company that provides an environmentally friendly and chemical-free alternative for disinfection and disinfestation, has appointed Erik Smitt as its VP of operations.

Smitt has more than 30 years of management and operations experience in the food industry, having overseen manufacturing for leading food brands including Weetabix North America, ConAgra and Crider. Smitt earned his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a certified instructor in several courses on managing teams and processes.

“Erik brings a collaborative, team-centered approach that motivates everyone to strive for the highest quality outcome,” said CEO Craig Powell. “He understands that to be a success in our industry requires a commitment to being a true partner to our customers, and providing them with exceptional service.”

“Food safety is becoming a more prevalent issue in our society, globally,” said Smitt. “RF Biocidics offers an innovative approach that improves the safety of our food supply while maintaining the quality of taste and texture.”

Based in Vacaville, California, RF Biocidics is a subsidiary of private investment company Allied Minds.




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