Former Head of Dayton Hudson Dead at 69

New York City Kenneth A. Macke, who served as chairman and CEO of Dayton Hudson Corp. from 1984 to 1994, died Saturday in Napa, Calif., from complications associated with Parkinson’s disease. He was 69.

Macke joined Dayton’s in 1961 as a merchandise trainee and began a 33-year career in retailing, rising through the ranks to head merchant positions at Dayton’s and Target. In 1976, he was named president and CEO of Target, and in 1977 was named chairman and CEO of Target. During that time, Target grew from 49 stores in 9 states to 137 stores in 16 states and became the corporation’s top profit-maker.

In 1981, Macke was elected president of Dayton Hudson Corp., and in 1983 became CEO. Under his leadership, the company grew from 350 stores to 909 stores in 33 states and revenues more than doubled to over $19 billion. Among his greatest accomplishments was the growth of Target.

Macke’s commitment to provide opportunities for women and minorities brought national recognition to Dayton Hudson. He was named by many publications and groups as one of America’s best managers.

After his retirement, Macke moved to the Napa Valley and continued to mentor and invest in retail entrepreneurs.

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