Fresh & Easy to close 12 stores

New York City -- Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, the U.S. division of Tesco, plans to close 12 underperforming stores, according to the Orange County Register. The company, however, left open the door to re-opening the stores at a later date.

"At this time, there is simply not enough growth in sales and customers at these stores to keep them open. We will close these stores over the coming weeks and we will re-open them when economic and business conditions warrant," said Fresh & Easy spokesman Brendan Wonnacott in the report.

Fresh & Easy is still planning to grow in areas where it makes sense, according to Wonnacott. The chain plans to open at least 24 more supermarkets on the West Coast, including four in Orange County.

Of the 12 Fresh & Easy stores to be shuttered, nine are in Southern California.

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