GE Lighting tour focuses on future technology

East Cleveland, Ohio -- The future of lighting -- with an emphasis on the powerful potential of LEDs, fluorescent, halogen and ceramic metal halide lighting systems -- is on the move. Lighting professionals and designers, distributors, architects, contractors, facility maintenance and utility executives, as well as government officials are invited to register at for a sneak peek of the brightest lighting technologies on the horizon this year and beyond.

Over the next nine months, the GE Lighting Revolution Tour will showcase the future of lighting in 47 different U.S. and Canadian cities. The tour wraps up in Charlotte, N.C., in November. Exhibits on board showcase GE’s most advanced thinking about how retail, office, outdoor, municipal and architectural lighting -- including many products of ecomagination -- are improving with simplified and less costly maintenance, greater creativity and enhanced energy efficiency. The tour’s hands-on displays address many of the salient topics that commercial and residential lighting professionals face today, including energy management programs, legislative mandates and environmental initiatives such as LEED certification. In addition to providing technology and application overviews, GE’s on-site experts will be available to analyze specific lighting application challenges and objectives.

“Put the GE Lighting Revolution Tour on your calendar if you specify, recommend or buy lighting systems,” said Jim Benson, general manager, of commercial marketing, GE Lighting. “We can help you navigate your way.”

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