GeoGirl 'makes up' void in tween market

NEW YORK — At a press event in New York on Wednesday, Pacific World and Walmart officially took the wraps off a new eco-friendly beauty line for tweens, aptly named GeoGirl.

The line, which has a suggested retail price between $3.98 and $5.98, is launching exclusively at about 1,250 Walmart stores and on beginning in March. The 69-SKU collection includes makeup for face, lips, cheeks and eyes, as well as skin and body care. A GeoGirl website is slated to launch Feb. 24.

After much consultation with parents, educators and tween girls in cities throughout the United States, Pacific World developed the line, which is positioned as an entirely new approach to beauty — it isn't about toy makeup or painting little girls to look like mini-adults, but is all about being age appropriate and eco-friendly.

Keeping in tune with this tech-savvy audience, GeoGirl products are named in "textese." Products in the collection include:

  • J4G (Just 4 Grins) lip balm SPF 15;
  • GeoGirl SWAK (SentWithAKiss) lip treatment SPF 15;
  • BCNU (BeSeeingYou) pressed mineral shadow;
  • F2F (Face2Face) moisture tint SPF 15;
  • T2G (Time2Go) cleanser; and
  • KEWL (Cool) magic face refresher. The colors go on extremely sheer and see-through to give skin a healthy, natural glow and the formulas are mistake proof and easy to apply.

In addition, the product packages were created to fit in smaller hands and apply to smaller features. In line with the findings of a recent online study conducted in December 2010 at, the formulas are made with 100%-natural fragrances and the packaging is made of such recyclable materials as renewable corn and recycled paper. The formulas are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, propylene glycol, PABA, DEA, petrolatum, paraffin, synthetic fragrance, synthetic color (in skin care), carmine (crushed beetles) and animal ingredients (except cruelty-free honey, lanolin and beeswax).

According to the survey of 270 girls, conducted in partnership with tween authority and social networking site AllyKatzz, generation Z girls have an incredibly evolved social and environmental consciousness. In fact, 74% of respondents said they were "environmentally responsible every day" and 98% said "it is important to donate time and money to causes and to others less fortunate."

These findings are one of the key reasons the GeoGirl brand created gg-Gives, a charity that will fund causes that girls care about. A portion of the GeoGirl net proceeds will be donated to gg-Gives.

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