releases 3D app

Draper, Utah -- Online eyewear retailer is releasing a 3D app for the iPad platform that allows customers to virtually try on glasses using a 180-degree 3D representation of their face. Proprietary facial modeling technology allows users to reproduce their face on an iPad screen and reposition glasses, as well as compare different glasses in a side-by-side view. A built-in “share” feature lets customers send virtual views to family and friends and receive tallied votes on their opinions.

The app is available for free download in the iTunes store and plans future releases on other mobile platforms and also for the web.

"Up until now, augmented reality was something of a parlor trick," said Jonathan Coon, CEO of "It was fun but just not accurate or easy enough to be useful. Our hope is that the app will be to augmented-reality shopping what 'Toy Story' was for computer-generated animated films, it's just the beginning."


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