Google integrated e-reader arrives at Target this week

Boasting a high resolution screen, long battery life and fast page-turn performance, a new e-reader called the iriver Story HD is set to hit Target stores this weekend. The product is a big deal because it integrates with Google eBooks and Target will be the exclusive retailer of the device, at least for a while as exclusives on hot new electronics items tend to be fleeting.

“Target strives to provide guests with exclusive access to the most innovative new products, and the iriver Story HD is no exception,” said Nik Nayar, VP merchandising at Target. “With the rapid advancements of e-readers and tablets, the iriver Story HD’s superior features and integration with Google eBooks sets it apart. Target is excited to bring this new e-reader to our guests before any other retailer.”

The product will sell for $139.99 which puts it about $20 above’s entry level Kindle device.

The product weighs only 7.3 ounces, which makes it the lightest e-reader in its class. Other stuff of interest to techies includes, 63.8% more pixels than other e-readers, the world’s first six-inch XGA (768x1024) E-Ink display, a Cortex A8 chipset to provide fast response and a battery that last long enough to allow users to view 14,000 pages or keep the device on stand-by for six weeks.

“We are confident of iRiver Story HD’s success in the U.S., thanks to the great partnership we have with Google and Target, as well as iRiver Story HD’s outstanding quality,” said Chulmin Lee, president of iriver Inc.

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