Hammer & Nails, Los Angeles

Hammer & Nails — The Nail Shop for Guys has opened its debut location in Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue. The new concept offers men a handsome, more customized—and more comfortable— alternative to female-centric nail salons.

"Men have very different grooming needs than women and should be treated accordingly," said founder Michael Elliot. "We decided to open our flagship store in Los Angeles, with all its diversity, culture, fashion and forward-thinkers. Our goal is to provide a Hammer & Nails experience to men across the nation in the near future."

Designed as the ultimate bat cave experience, Hammer & Nails offers custom-designed hand and foot manicures and treatments amid a background that includes personal flat-screen TVs and headphones, premium sports channels, and complimentary beverages. Decorative accents include oversized leather chairs, the front-end of a classic Chevy pickup truck and a leather punching bag and gloves from the 1940's.

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